You Could Have A Love Affair Today

Compassion is an intangible catalyst that inspires us to give, moves us to action, and drags us beyond the established borders of our comfort zone. It upends our equilibrium of self, for it seduces our desires to place the needs of others higher than our own, at least for a brief affair in time. Compassion requires that we halt our preference to be served and replace it with the desire to serve others. It is almost unnatural, and far too uncommon.

It is often stored in a large box or small, safely out of sight on a closet shelf. When, and if, our sense of equity or decency is attacked by an emotional and unacceptable experience that forces its way into our consciousness, we often retrieve our box from the closet shelf and start another affair. Although fleeting, this is a good thing.

Good is good. Better is best.

Better would be if all of us allotted time each and every day to engage in an affair of compassion instead of waiting for an attack on our sensibilities. There will always be people and situations around us in need of compassionate action; we need only be aware and willing to see.

A small dose of compassion everyday might require us to expand the borders of our comfort zone, but don’t all love affairs? When compassionate action moves from being a sacrifice to being a labor of love, and it will, the recipients benefit and the world benefits; but you, the giver, benefit most. This affair brings pleasure, satisfaction, self-esteem, self-worth, and tranquility to your day. Imagine having an affair every day, maybe even being secretive about it, that has all of those benefits, yet with absolutely no shame or guilt.

Go ahead, start a love affair today …and another tomorrow!

Photo credit “hands held wide open” by lillianMURDERphotos

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