The Best Time For Kindness

If you have a kind word—say it;
Living hearts soon sink to rest.

If you owe a kindness—pay it,
Life’s sun hurries to the west.

If some grand thing for tomorrow
You are dreaming—do it now.

From the future do not borrow;
Frost soon gathers on the brow.

Days for deeds are few, my brothers,
So today fulfill your vow.

If you mean to help another,
Do not dream it, do it now.

—Author unknown. Adapted from a poem titled “Do It Now,”
published in the St. Andrews Buoy newspaper, June 3, 1897.

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12 thoughts on “The Best Time For Kindness

  1. Touches my heart, makes me weep, and helps me remember that life isn’t just about ME – – life is about giving, loving, and caring. Thank you for this – it was a morning that I needed to read something like this!


    • And I am touched by your comments. Pleased to be the vessel for a message that inspired a fellow soul. This is one of my favorite of what I call “poems of humanity.” Although, as you can probably tell, I have quite a few of those. Namaste. 🙂


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