How To Sleep Like A Baby

Want to sleep more soundly and restfully than you usually do? Here’s how. Accomplish everything that you planned to accomplish today …plus, go out of your way just a bit and help another who is struggling. You accomplish, they accomplish, you win, they win.

Your beliefs do not make you a compassionate person, your behavior does.

Pleasant dreams!

photo credit: Dynamite Imagery/

17 thoughts on “How To Sleep Like A Baby

  1. You are right, if belief is the foundation, behavior is the building. Behavior makes the foundation look good, BUT foundation needs to be sound !
    I adore the snap.It’s lovely!
    I have recently joined your blog.It’s inspiring!


    • No argument from me on that one. I’m thinking that the percentage of mankind that can be considered compassionate would be a great way to measure the enlightenment of our species. (I’m guessing that I’ll be challenged on that one …oh well!) Thank you for sharing.


    • Ahh, but aren’t beliefs fleeting? Don’t forget what the great philosopher, Muhammad Ali has said, and quite poignantly I think. “If a man believes at 50 what he did at 20, he has wasted 30 years of his life.” Thank you, Rus.


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