Free Gratitude – Today Only …Really

One of our regular readers is Felipe Adan Lerma. He is a writer, poet, photographer, yoga guru, and fitness instructor, among other things…and all-around nice guy. He has authored many works and is making his latest available for free for anyone to download. However, YOU MUST DOWNLOAD IT TODAY, MARCH 20, 2012. I have already downloaded my copy and am looking forward to reading it. The title is “Everyday Gratitude Vol. 3.”

Head on over to Amazon here for a description and to get your free copy. Also, you can read Adan’s blog and discover his many other works here. Please spread the word about this free offer as it ends today!

Happy Spring everyone, and enjoy your free GRATITUDE book.

ps. I have heard from Andy Smallman from ‘the kindness school’ which we posted on last week. I’ll share more on that tomorrow.

Paul Mark Sutherland 

8 thoughts on “Free Gratitude – Today Only …Really

  1. My father wrote this & we are all quite proud! He’s been writing & reading as far back as I can remember (I can still hear the typewriter keys, yes..typewriter). The whole family are readers & for that I say thank you dad! Good luck!


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