photo credit: smosh.com


43 thoughts on “Hope

  1. This poster is AMAZING and I have set it as my wallpaper on my desktop to know I am not alone in my chosen ‘country’ and ‘religion’. Bless your heart for sharing, and thanks also to Russ Towne for re-posting this again. Let’s help spread the word! Love and Light, Gina


  2. Reblogged this on A Grateful Man and commented:
    I love the beautiful photograph and believe the world will be a better place when the concepts of “them and us”, and national and race boundaries gradually fade away and are replced by enduring ideas and principles that unite humankind while respecting human dignity. I like to envision what the world would look like when the emphasis of humankind is on being KIND. Thank you GYA for this post.


    • Thanks, Felipe. I love the graphic. I wasn’t able to track down the original artist, the image is used a lot. It certainly worked for me on this. I was looking to portray hope, love, compassion, and unity. I wanted an image that symbolized the world, but I didn’t really want to use an image of the earth, so this one of the moon worked. Be well, my friend. Peace filled weekend to you and yours.


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