What Happiness Looks Like Naked

“Happiness is not achieved by the conscious pursuit of happiness; it is generally the by-product of other activities.” ~Aldous Huxley

(This post is re-blogged from one of my favorite blogs,
Meant to be Happy,” written by Ken Wert)

What is Happiness?

We talk a lot about happiness all dressed up and pretty. But what does it look like when it’s standing in nothing but its birthday suit?

As I’ve studied and practiced, researched and questioned, written and talked with people about happiness, I’ve become increasingly convinced that many of us define the term in very different ways.

This is no unimportant matter either. Because some of us understand happiness so differently, we can easily misunderstand what it takes to get more of it. And so we’re often found groping in the dark for something that was never put where we’re groping for it in the first place. We’re understandably left frustrated for trying.

This post, then, is less about how to be happy (though it’s implied in its description) as much as a post dedicated to describing what happiness looks like once you have it.

To read the rest of the post, and I recommend you do, head over to “Meant to be Happy.


19 thoughts on “What Happiness Looks Like Naked

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  3. nice intro and link to a really good article!

    esp liked, on the article on the other side of that neat link,

    “It’s not that happy people feel all these things all the time, but that they are the generalities that can still be made about the lives happy people lead….”

    but gotta admit, it’s that image that got my eye, though after the bit about the naked happiness 😉

    thanks so much 😉


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