Speak To Me


Speak To Me

We are each a seed.
We are each a blossom.
We are each a flower.
We are each a tree.
We are each in need of tending, pruning, and love,
from others and our self.

Friend, speak to me of you.
Speak to me of others who have loved you.
You have spoken to me of God.
                          —Paul Mark Sutherland

artist credit:  Cassandra Donnelly

20 thoughts on “Speak To Me

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  2. I am nominating you for the “Sunshine Blogging Award” for creativity and inspiration. You do not have to accept, but felt you deserved it. I will feature a link to your blog on my upcoming post.


    • Wow, Savannah, thank you so much. This is so thoughtful and giving of you. I especially like the “creative” part. I reached out to Cassandra Donnelly for permission to use her artwork which she willingly offered, combined it with a quote by Nikos Kazantzakis, an insightful Greek gentlemen who passed away in 1957, and added a few of my own words. So… I guess the three of us work well together. Thank you again, Savannah. 🙂


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