Courage, Love, Peace

If you’re still not sure about any of them …this ought to do it.

25 thoughts on “Courage, Love, Peace

  1. I haven’t cried this much EVEN when i saw a Korean Movie “Haneulnaraeseo on pyeonji” (1979) AKA (A letter from Heaven)……I was crying like a baby…..My kids are sitting here in the lounge with me watching ‘Tom and Jerry’ starring at me like hell….I have shown this to them also, because he is an inspiration for EVERYONE!They are happy to see his courage…
    With your permission, i wanna re-blog this…Thanx Paul, for letting me know about him, i don’t watch tv much, don’t get much time!THANX!


    • It IS quite a moving story. The irony, I think leads most of us to re-evaluate. Thank you for your visit and your candid comments. Thank you also for re-blogging and spreading the message of courage, love, and peace. Namaste!


  2. Reblogged this on oceangrins and commented:
    here’s another wonderful video from GYA Today. i was balling all throughout. if you’ve ever doubted the existence of courage, love, and peace, you should definitely watch this video. i don’t think it could leave anyone uninspired.


  3. omg, i cried all throughout this. it was so moving. you are continuously posting wonderful videos. and i keep reblogging you. 🙂 thanks for sharing this with us.


    • Hi, Violeta. Thanks for your visit and comments. Thanks also for re-blogging. When I first saw this video, it touched me deeply. I’m confident that compassion among people can continue to grow. Hopefully, this story can help in that quest. Thanks again, Violeta. Be well. 🙂


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    Whatever you are facing in life, you can’t help but be inspired by this young man…follow his example and don’t let anything stop you on your path to achieving your dreams;o)


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