Glass Half Full

River Ramblings

Some asked me the other day if my summer really has been as awesome as it looks or if I was just doing this to make everyone else feel bad.  He meant it as a joke (I hope) and I reassured him that these were the highlights and I was certainly leaving out the lows.  I then proceeded to tell the story about having to hold my kids at arms length from each other so I could make a purchase and get out of the store before crying because they were acting that crazy.

Believe me, we’ve got our share of lows.  But low is relative.  I had written a blog post about the aforementioned incident.  It’s sitting in my drafts.  I probably won’t ever publish it.  It’s not that I’m ashamed of posting something less than glowing.  I am not a saint.  My flaws are many and obvious.  We…

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