Urgent Prayer Request! 12/11/12

Prayers for Sheri please.

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Girl Praying


Beloved Concordia Family (and extended family and friends),

Sheri Best is battling Crohns Disease and has been having a tremendous battle.  She receive her first chemo infusion a week ago and it seemed to work, but then a few days later she began having excruciating pain again.  The doctors have moved her next infusion up from next Wednesday to tomorrow.  This is a “last ditch” effort before Sheri will have to have surgery.  In fact, if the infusion doesn’t work, she will have surgery next week.

The treatment is scheduled for 11 AM tomorrow and I am asking for your prayers for this wonderful young woman, her husband, and miraculous healing for her body.  Please pray for immediate relief from the pain and rest.  She is exhausted and, as you might imagine, more than a little anxious to avoid a difficult surgery.  Please also pray for peace for Sheri…

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