A Rose of Happiness


rose artwork by: Barbara “Bobbi” Schaller /  PoetryInReflection.com 


…don’t forget to GYA today!



12 thoughts on “A Rose of Happiness

  1. Paul
    This occurs as true for me from the experience of living. The human being is not a being-in-itself say like a block of granite. No, the human being is being-in-the-world amidst the hurly burly of life. A human being is always a being-with-others. And fundamentally a human being is becoming, a towards which and for the sake of that which matters.

    Looked upon this way then a human being always ‘gives itself away’ to someone, some goal, and/or some project – life project. Gandhi gave himself away to ‘India will be free of the British’. Mother Theresa gave herself away to the poor of India – those in the slums and their welfare. Marie Curie gave herself away to ‘understanding radiation’.

    The tragedy of modern existence is that we give ourselves away to the banal. That which aids survival and sucks all meaning/joy out of our existence. In short, living a life that does not show up as mattering, one that we would not like to repeat. And we set that pattern for our children!

    With my love


    • Thank you, Maz for your analysis. I’m in agreement. And for the record, I would give my life that ALL CHILDREN experience the pattern of GYA from “we.” Thanks, again. Be well. ~Paul


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