Stained-Glass People



Photo credit: SolarShine

15 thoughts on “Stained-Glass People

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    • Thanks, Gail. I was a fan of hers as well. Sounds a little morbid, but I read her a lot when she was still here. One of my sisters is a nurse and told me one day that she attended a presentation by a most interesting woman named Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, and asked if I had ever heard of her. I made her tell me everything she said at her presentation. 🙂 Be well, Gail. ~Paul


      • I don’t think that is morbid at all. She was a wise lady who had a lot to teach us all! I read her book “On Death and Dying” when my father was dying of cancer, and I reread it when my mother lay in a hospice residence dying. I also read her book, “On Life After Death” and it brought me much comfort.


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