News from Newtown, two months later. Still sending thoughts and prayers.

Six Loose Cannons

Vote for meSchool Bus headed to Hartford.

Old School

Those words used to mean nothing to most people, except the few of us that enjoy the pastoral New England countryside and chose to live in Newtown and its surrounding communities. “Newton, Connecticut” is what President Obama mistakenly called our town the first time he uttered the words on television.That was December 14th, 2012. He has not mispronounced it since.The shock of the Shooting at Sandy Hook was felt throughout the country, indeed throughout the world.

Today I piled into an old-fashioned school bus with fellow Newtowners to March For Change at the capital. In the time since the shooting things have quieted down and we, as a community, have started to act out the routine of our lives. In the beginning, the horror story consumed us. We worked hard to make sense out of a senseless act that cost so many people…

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