I have hoped, I have planned, I have striven,
To the will I have added the deed;
The best that was in me I’ve given,
I have prayed, but the Gods would not heed.
I have dared and reached only disaster,
I have battled and broken my lance;
I am bruised by a pitiless master
That the weak and the timid call chance.
I am old, I am bent, I am cheated
Of all that youth urged me to win;
But name me not with the defeated,
To-morrow again, I begin.
                         —S E Kiserg

photo credit: unknown

12 thoughts on “To-morrow

  1. Love the poem Paul – and thanks for visiting my blog … hope you will come back again. Regarding the poem …. what I love is the ‘get up and go again’ ness … I hope that you personally never think that your prayers fall on deaf ears …. you have everything that you desire for yourself … it’s not a matter of waiting for someone to ‘grant’ you your desires. Love and blessings – Bunny!


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