Action vs. Re-action

Consideration or Compassion prior to the former usually eliminates the need for the latter.




There Are Four Things We Can Never Recover
the Stone – after the throw
the Word – after it’s said
the Occasion – after it’s missed
the Time – after it’s gone

author: unknown
original photo credit: unknown

20 thoughts on “Action vs. Re-action

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  2. SO very true, and we should always remember this, watch the “stones we throw”, the words we say, enjoy every day and occasion, and make the very most of your time, it goes so quick!


  3. Maybe we also need the four things we’ll always have (making this up as i go 😉 ) –

    The kiss, after it’s given
    The word, after it’s accepted
    The occasion, after it’s celebrated
    The time, past present and future

    Paul, maybe you could start a thread of “fours” folk come up with!
    Hope all’s going well 😉



    • Hey, Adan, thanks. Great to see you. Hope all is well. I like your reflection. I’m not fool enough to compete with a poet, but mine would include a smile, a helping hand, and a compliment. I think if we add mine and yours together, we’re off to a pretty good start. Be well, my friend. Great weekend to you. ~Paul


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