Will Work For Hugs

On Wednesdays—every Wednesday—for 25 YEARS—82 year young barber Anthony Cymerys, aka: Joe The Barber, sets up a lawn chair under a shade tree in a city park in Hartford, Connecticut. He prepares his scissors, towels, and lotion, wires his clippers to a car battery that he brings along, and then waits for his customers to show up. It doesn’t take long. A queue of homeless individuals needing a haircut forms quickly, and Joe starts attending to each and every customer. His fee: a hug!

What an example “Joe The Barber” is for aspiring GYA’ers. Watch this two-minute video, you might need to grab a tissue first, though.

Thank you, “Joe.” Namasté.

Work_For_Hugs_Video(The above link takes you to a CBS site and their obligatory 30-second commercial that airs before the video. I recommend that you endure the commercial—it’s worth it.)

credits (other than Anthony Cymerys, “Joe The Barber”) CBS News.


29 thoughts on “Will Work For Hugs

  1. Thanks for your “Like” of my latest post and in the course of so doing, introducing me to your wonderful site! Having spent many years working in Hartford during the years while Joe the Barber was trimming “customers” heads and making them feel comfortable at the same time, I was delighted to see him featured in this post of yours. I will keep an eye on your site for more!


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  3. Hello Paul
    This goes to show that the opening-opportunity to make a difference is there for each and everyone of us. Thank you for sharing this, watching the video has made my day. And it leaves me moved-touched-inspired.

    With my love


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