“Dear Santa, I Don’t Want any Presents This Year”

What beautiful parents Emmileah must have.

Blessings for the entire family.

Kindness Blog

Six-year-old Emmileah Anderson’s mother mentioned in passing one day that some children do not get presents on Christmas morning, even if they’re on the good list.

“I said there are charities for children who don’t have very much,” Shannaz Noormohamed, Emmileah’s mom, told the Surrey Mirror. “I didn’t think much of it and sent her off to bed. Then I went up to check on her and she asked me to post a letter for her. I read it and cried for about 15 minutes.”

Emmileah had written up a letter to Santa, and she asked that her gifts  be given to children who otherwise would not be getting any for Christmas. And in place of gifts, she’ll be participating in a charity walk with her family that raises money for children with cancer.

“I felt bad that other children didn’t have toys. I didn’t know that before,” Emmileah of England said. “It’s not…

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