I’m Speechless!

What a stunningly beautiful story …by stunningly beautiful and giving friends. Wow!



36 thoughts on “I’m Speechless!

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  3. Reblogged this on Little Moments of Beauty in the Everyday and commented:
    Absolutely grateful for GYA today’s gorgeous and life-affirming share of this gem of friendship♥

    For there is unparalleled beauty
    in the courage of the everyday,
    in the love of friends,
    whose seemingly ordinary deeds
    spring from founts of love

    There is hope, always♥


  4. Beautiful testament to the love of true friends♥

    Thank you for this gorgeous, life-affirming share and do take care too, my friend 🙂


  5. Reblogged this on Misifusa's Blog and commented:
    This one’s a keeper and a special one to reblog.
    Gerdi is blessed with family and friends who care. What an amazing gift ~ take the less than 5 minutes to watch. You will understand. For me, as a woman who also had her head shaved by her husband when chemotherapy took my hair, this whole video had me in tears. Unless you have walked in another’s shoes, you can’t imagine what she’s going through ~ what a blessing to be a part of Gerdi’s orchestra.
    Thank you to Paul and to Russ for sharing this special video.
    Shine On!


  6. Some of the women had amazingly beautiful words to describe their participation. Kudos to the make up artists for making this a girl’s day…on top of everything else.


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