Become An Encourager At Work

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I am a fan of many different motivational and leadership authors and one of my favorites is John Maxwell. I was re-reading his book “Be A People Person” and was reminded of what a great responsibility that those who are in any type of management position have to the people they serve.

One of the chapters in this book is titled “You Can Be An Encourager.” Now, how hard would it be to become an encourager to those we work with? John Maxwell states, “The key to encouragement is in knowing what gives people, courage, what spurs them on to action.”

Often people take hidden pleasure when theircoworkers make mistakes or fail to produce as they should. This type of attitude will only cause future hardship for the person who hasit.

What would happen if we began to focus on our coworker’s strengths and look forthe goodthings they do each…

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