Queen For A Day

I just love stories like this. What a wonderful testament to Desaray’s town, school, and especially, her classmates. And, to Desaray for being a beautiful GYA young woman.


In many ways, Desaray Carroll is a typical high school teenager. She texts nonstop, hangs out with her friends, goes to the movies and out to eat.

Desaray_Carroll_1The 19-year-old Coahulla Creek High School student is surrounded with a family and friends who love and support her, so much so they campaigned for the student body to elect her prom queen a few weeks ago. Everyone except Carroll seemed sure she would win. But after a lifetime of being picked on for being different, she never thought she could be the same as those around her.

“At my old school, I got made fun of,” she said. “I didn’t want to go to school. It was really hard. At one point I quit school, but I came back.” Carroll has cerebral palsy, a disorder that affects muscle tone, movement and posture. People with cerebral palsy can have exaggerated movements, rigidity of the limbs, involuntary movements, unsteadiness while walking or any combination of those symptoms. She struggles with her speech – though after a few minutes with her, she becomes easier to understand – and movements on the right side of her body.

When her name was called out on prom night announcing she had been named prom queen, Carroll was naturally and genuinely shocked. “I didn’t believe it,” she said. “I really like it here. They don’t look at me like I have cerebral palsy.” Carroll’s friends and her teachers said they believe it is a great testimony to the student body at Coahulla Creek. “Their heart is in the right place,” said Josh Swiney, Carroll’s math inclusion teacher. “They’ve been around her and wanted that for her. She’s awesome.”

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…Even if Carroll is having a terrible day, she is sweet and kind to everyone. “I never hear her say anything mean about anyone,” McCraw said. “You can never tell if she’s having a bad day.” Carroll may struggle with some everyday tasks, but she possesses many traits her friends don’t. “She’s able to do stuff we’re not able to,” Torres said. “She stays strong. She has people here that love her and support her.”

Information from: The Daily Citizen, http://www.daltondailycitizen.com

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