Caring For Our Beliefs



“We should care for our beliefs like beautiful old clocks. To keep them running smoothly and correctly we should disassemble them every now and then, clean them up, replace some parts, and put them back together.”  —Paul Mark Sutherland

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Renewing Humanity


A generous heart, kind speech, and a life of service and compassion are the things which renew humanity.  ―Gautama Buddha

Why not be kinder or more generous today?

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10 Simple Ways

We need not be financially wealthy to give. We can give our self away and benefit many people around, near, and dear to us by “being” a giving person. Here are 10 simple things we can choose to be.

Note: My objective is to be all of these at the same time for an entire day. And then two days. And then three days…


I’m still working on one entire day …I will get there.


Give something today, you’ll feel wonderful.

10 Simple Ways To Give Yourself Away Today
1   be kind
2   be gentle
3   be forgiving
4   be respectful
5   be compassionate
6   be generous
7   be thankful
8   be quiet
9   be humble
10 be happy
—Paul Mark Sutherland