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Rest in Peace, Katelyn

KatelynNorman“Sweet Kate went to be with the Lord at 8:23am,” read an update posted Friday to a fundraising page for Norman. “She is now dancing with Jesus! Rest in Peace Katelyn!”

Just days after getting her “bucket list” wish to celebrate prom, 14-year-old Katelyn Norman died peacefully in her hospital bed after a long battle with bone cancer.

The teenager, who was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in 2011, passed away in the same hospital where she had donned a corsage and sash on Tuesday night for an impromptu prom celebration, put on by her friends and the staff at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital in Knoxville.


We offer our condolences to Katelyn’s family, friends, and community. Also our gratitude, for sharing this beautiful young soul with the world. May you eventually find peace and joy in Katelyn’s honor.

A GYA Community

This is a beautiful story of love as an entire community decides to GYA. Thank you, Katelyn, and all of your giving friends. May the rest of us learn and grow just a little.

Tennessee town unites to help make cancer patient’s dream come true


A Tennessee teenager who has been battling a rare form of bone cancer for two years compiled a bucket list after learning her treatments were no longer working, MyFox8 reported. 

On Katelyn Norman’s bucket list: going to the prom. The 14-year-old’s family contacted her school district, which made plans for a dance to happen within a week.

But, Katelyn was rushed to a Knoxville hospital on March 19 for difficulty breathing. Although she told one of her teachers that “the prom must go on,” the school decided to bring the prom to her hospital.

Hospital staff decorated her room, and more than 100 people drove to Knoxville’s East Tennessee Children’s Hospital to attend the ‘dance,’ escorted by local law enforcement agents. Katelyn’s date presented her with a corsage and a sash as more people lined up outside her hospital window, forming the shape of a heart. A limo even drove to the hospital in Katelyn’s honor.

The prom still went on at the original location, because it was what Katelyn wanted.

Several thousand dollars have been raised to help Katelyn accomplish her bucket list, according to her website GoFundMe.

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In times of immense and senseless tragedy we are appalled at what mankind is capable of doing to others. We feel vulnerable, sad, angry, helpless. We can offer our condolences, prayers, and assistance, but we cannot eliminate the pain. This we must all endure.

For the future, however, we can re-commit ourselves to kindness, tolerance, and compassion towards all, so that atrocities which lie ahead of us might hopefully be fewer and less painful. We can take a more active role in looking out for one another, in supporting and helping one another. We can know that regardless of future events, we at least made a genuine effort to foster harmony, wellness, and tranquility in our world.


May the innocent children and the courageous educators of Sandy Hook school who lost their lives on December 14, 2012 rest in peace. May their families, friends, co-workers, fellow students, and the community of Newtown eventually find peace, healing, and acceptance.

Paul Mark Sutherland