How Are You Doing?




“Your destiny cannot change …unless you do.” —Paul Mark Sutherland


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Follow Your Heart



Listen to your heart, it harbors sacred things.
Give from your heart; abundance it brings.
Pray through your heart; guidance in need.
Follow your heart, it knows how to lead.
—Paul Mark Sutherland

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Dream Walking


The regret of not knowing what might have been may be the most painful part of dying, yet procrastination is completely curable.

“If we are unwilling to walk into our dreams, we are left with only a postcard bearing the inscription, ‘Wish you were here!’”  —Paul Mark Sutherland

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Bright Horizons



We should be glad for distant things,
for beauty ‘round the bend;
For highways that lead on and on,
With never any end.
Be glad for goals just out of reach,
The challenge of a star,
The glory of a distant light
That beacons from afar.
For hopes and dreams are built on
That enchanted distant mile,
And far-off bright horizons
Make the road today worthwhile.
—Helen Lowrie Marshall

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