NOW is always the right time to be thankful for the special people in your life, including yourself.


“Time is a tenacious and unrelenting competitor. Make friends with him as soon as possible.”  —Paul Mark Sutherland 

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A Spring of Tantalizing Pleasures

Tomorrow is the first day of spring here in the northern hemisphere. But, I shall wait no longer, I’m starting today! Below is my method for enjoying spring year-round. I call it “The 12 Months of Spring.” Hope you enjoy it.

       The 12 Months of Spring

Spring is a flower whose colors arouse;
Spring is a friend whose aura allows.

Spring is a smile whose flutter assures.
Spring is a fragrance whose escape allures. 

Spring is a dance whose step excites;
Spring is an embrace whose touch delights.

Spring is a song whose harmony supplants;
Spring is a romance whose rapture enchants.

Spring is hope and wonderment and treasures.
I shall not wait to tolerate its pleasures!

—Paul Mark Sutherland

Happy Spring to all.

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A Legacy of Kindness …in an Instant

Today is Blue Friday in New York State. A day that celebrates the lives of fallen police officers. Here is the story of one. One who left a legacy of kindness.


Link: Blue Friday of New York