Measuring Time

Today is the 1st of February. Where did January go? One month gone already this year. How was your January? Did you accomplish what you wanted to accomplish? Did you do what you wanted to do? Did you get what you wanted to get? Did you give what you wanted to give? We cannot get January or any part of it back. It’s gone. One twelfth of our year …gone for good. Do you realize that the average person gets fewer than 950 months in their lifetime. And we shouldn’t even consider the first 18 years (216 months). That leaves us only about 735 months total …for life!

One from our blogging community, Eric Winger (, is passionate about time and using it instead of losing it. In a recent post he addressed time and included one of his poems that is quite simple, yet very powerful. He has given me permission to re-post it. I just had to convert it into a graphic. Enjoy.

Measuring_TimeIf you haven’t seen Eric’s blog (, I recommend you schedule a visit. You might just become a regular. He’s one of the GYA good guys!

Thanks, Eric, for reminding us of the importance of front loading our time with meaning. Thanks also for allowing your work to be re-distributed …and for your wisdom.


Measuring Time   I would like to measure time, Not with planets and stars, Not with
watches and clocks, Not with minutes and hours, But by moments with meaning.
—Eric Winger


original graphic credit: unknown