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Mr. B and 22

Well, the new school year is underway. I, for one, am eager to see and hear what Gregg Breinberg, aka Mr. B, and his 5th grade musicians at PS22 on Staten Island, New York have planned for this year. If you are not familiar with the PS22 chorus, have I got a surprise for you!

The remarkable passion and commitment of a teacher in a big inner city school has culminated year after year in remarkable music and a group of marked and remarkable kids. They are marked for life with the knowledge that they can achieve anything that they envision, plan for, and work hard for. They are remarkable for their astonishing musical accomplishments as group. I’m not sure, but I’ll bet these kids can’t wait for school to start each year.

Mr. B is a wonderful example of practicing GYA on the job.

Below are three of the many performances that you will find by searching ‘PS22’ on YouTube.


Practice time:


Rehearsal with Celtic Woman:


Performing at the Academy Awards:


Also, here are two wonderful and informative articles about Mr. B and the kids.



A Little Thing

Read more about Dr. Schweitzer here



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Courage, Love, Peace

If you’re still not sure about any of them …this ought to do it.

Peace + Passion = Alive


If I fail to catch the music in the gently falling rain,
If the splendors of the sunset spread their hues for me in vain,
If my heart sends back no echo to the bird in yonder tree —
Though my purse may hold a million, I would still a pauper be.

If the triumphs of my fellows wake no thrill within my breast,
If the task that waits the doing spurs me not to do my best,
If I do not find fresh courage with each day that passes by —
Then the beggar at the corner needs his crutches less than I.

—Nellie Goode (written nearly 100 years ago)

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A Spring of Tantalizing Pleasures

Tomorrow is the first day of spring here in the northern hemisphere. But, I shall wait no longer, I’m starting today! Below is my method for enjoying spring year-round. I call it “The 12 Months of Spring.” Hope you enjoy it.

       The 12 Months of Spring

Spring is a flower whose colors arouse;
Spring is a friend whose aura allows.

Spring is a smile whose flutter assures.
Spring is a fragrance whose escape allures. 

Spring is a dance whose step excites;
Spring is an embrace whose touch delights.

Spring is a song whose harmony supplants;
Spring is a romance whose rapture enchants.

Spring is hope and wonderment and treasures.
I shall not wait to tolerate its pleasures!

—Paul Mark Sutherland

Happy Spring to all.

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