What A Guy …Really!

I’ve heard this story before.

I’ve even seen the movie.

But, that doesn’t make Dr. Russel Dohner’s story any less remarkable. What a distinguished and beautiful life this near 90-year-old small town doctor has lived …so far.

I do believe the good doctor may actually have the letters GYA stitched to the inside of his heart.

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Congratulations Dr. Russell Dohner, for an uncommon and compassionately lived life.


story and video credit: MSNBC, NBC news

The Difference Between Father and Dad

It’s no secret, just about any male aged teenager and above can become a father. But, becoming a Dad …that’s a whole different story.

This is a story about Brenna Martin’s dad, Bryan Martin …a real Dad …probably just Daddy to Brenna. Brenna recently graduated from North Johnston High School in Kenly, North Carolina. After the graduation ceremony, Brenna’s dad gave her a gift. It was a book, but it wasn’t your average book. This book was a 13 year labor gift of love.

Pictured below is Bryan and his daughter Brenna at her high school graduation. Below the picture is a link to the rest of the story from NBC News.

If you haven’t heard of the Martins yet, you’re going to love this story. To read it on NBC Today Good News, click HERE.