Angel of Iowa

Mary Sauter doesn’t have children of her own, but she’s been brightening the holiday season for hundreds of children in her Iowa town for nearly 25 years, acting as a secret angel who spends her savings on toys and clothing for the kids. To put together the money she spends on the children’s Christmas gifts, she recycles cans, works at concession stands and takes on tutoring lessons, and then hunts for deals all year long so she can afford as many presents as possible.


Watch an amazing story courtesy of NBC News about an amazing woman whose entire life is about doing for others.

Thank you, Mary. You are wonderfully amazing.

story/reporting credit: NBC News


A Rose of Happiness


rose artwork by: Barbara “Bobbi” Schaller / 


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Cause and Effect


original graphic credit: unknown


     Edgar Guest – Journalist, Poet

I want to be fit for myself to know.
I want to be able as days go by,
always to look myself straight in the eye;
I don’t want to stand with the setting sun
and hate myself for the things I have done.
I don’t want to keep on a closet shelf
a lot of secrets about myself
and fool myself as I come and go
into thinking no one else will ever know
the kind of person I really am,
I don’t want to dress up myself in sham.
I want to go out with my head erect
I want to deserve all men’s respect;
but here in the struggle for fame and wealth
I want to be able to like myself.
I don’t want to look at myself and know that
I am bluster and bluff and empty show.
I never can hide myself from me;
I see what others may never see;
I know what others may never know,
I never can fool myself and so,
whatever happens I want to be
self respecting and conscience free.

by Edgar Guest

A Happy Man’s Creed

I have found happiness by helping others to find it.

I have sound physical health because I live temperately in all things, and eat only the foods which Nature requires for body maintenance.

I am free from fear in all of its forms.

I hate no man, envy no man, but love all mankind.

I am engaged in a labor of love with which I mix play generously. Therefore I never grow tired.

I give thanks daily, not for more riches, but for wisdom with which to recognize, embrace and properly use the great abundance of riches I now have at my command.

I speak no name save only to honor it.

I ask no favors of anyone except the privilege of sharing my riches with all who will receive them.

I am on good terms with my conscience. Therefore it guides me correctly in all that I do.

I have no enemies because I injure no man for any cause, but I benefit all with whom I come into contact by teaching them the way to enduring riches.

I have more material wealth than I need because I am free from greed and covet only the material things I can use while I live.

I own a great estate which is not taxable because it exists mainly in my own mind in intangible riches which cannot be assessed or appropriated except by those who adopt my way of life. I created this vast estate by observing Nature’s laws and adapting my habits to conform therewith.


A Happy Man’s Creed was written by Napoleon Hill and published in 1945 in his book “The Master Key to Riches.” Mr. Hill is the author of 12 books, of which “Think And Grow Rich” is the most widely known. Although “The Master Key to Riches” was written nearly 70 years ago, the value of “A Happy Man’s Creed” remains alive and well.