Respect and Compassion


The only way to possess respect and compassion is to give them away. May you be blessed with an abundance of each.  —Paul Mark Sutherland

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How Is Your “Tomorrow” Shaping Up?





He was going to be all that a mortal should be
No one should be kinder or braver than he
A friend who was troubled and weary he knew,
who’d be glad of a lift and who needed it, too;
on him he would call and see what he could do
Each morning he stacked up the letters he’d write
And thought of the folks he would fill with delight
It was too bad, indeed, he was busy today,
and hadn’t a minute to stop on his way;
more time he would have to give others, he’d say
The greatest of workers this man would have been
The world would have known him, had he ever seen
But the fact is he died and he faded from view,
and all that he left here when living was through
was a mountain of things he intended to do
                                                  —Edgar Guest


Happy Father’s Day…

to all Dads, especially those with young sons.

I never had a son.

I have one daughter; my princess…still. She always makes Father’s Day special for me. This year she gave me the best Father’s Day gift ever. Six weeks ago she and her husband gave me my first grandchild…a boy. Oh, how I intend to spoil him…with love, of course.

But, I have always wondered what kind of a Father I would have been to a boy child. I guess I’ll never know. Or will I?

For my son-in-law, and all Dads of our world with little ones, here’s a little poem of wisdom that might help you shape your fatherhood. The author is unknown (it is actually attributed to numerous individuals and I was unable to ascertain who the correct writer is).



Little Eyes Upon You

There are little eyes upon you
and they’re watching night and day.
There are little ears that quickly
take in every word you say. 

There are little hands all eager
to do anything you do;
And a little boy who’s dreaming
of the day he’ll be like you.

You’re the little fellow’s idol,
you’re the wisest of the wise.
In his little mind about you
no suspicions ever rise. 

You are setting an example
every day in all you do;
For the little boy who’s waiting
to grow up to be just like you.
                 -Author Unknown


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Becoming Positive


Keep your thoughts positive, because your thoughts become your words.
Keep your words positive, because your words become your behaviors.
Keep your behaviors positive, because your behaviors become your habits.
Keep your habits positive, because your habits become your values.
Keep your values positive, because your values become your destiny.

                                                                           —Mahatma Gandhi

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The Paradox

Thanks to Shervin Hojat and OM Times for these words of wisdom.



Be Careful What You Drop Today

Drop a pebble in the water: just a splash, and it is gone;
But there’s half-a-hundred ripples circling on and on and on,
Spreading, spreading from the center, flowing on out to the sea.
And there is no way of telling where the end is going to be.

Drop an unkind word, or careless: in a minute it is gone;
But there’s half-a-hundred ripples circling on and on and on.
They keep spreading, spreading, spreading from the center as they go,
And there is no way to stop them, once you’ve started them to flow.

Drop a word of cheer and kindness: just a flash and it is gone;
But there’s half-a-hundred ripples circling on and on and on,
And you’ve rolled a wave of comfort whose sweet music can be heard
Over miles and miles of water just by dropping one kind word.

part of the poem “Drop A Pebble In The Water” by J.W. Foley

Above All Else…

Above All Else, Love One AnotherIf we understood the power of our thoughts, we would guard them more closely. If we understood the awesome power of our words, we would prefer silence to almost anything negative. In our thoughts and words we create our own weaknesses and our own strengths. Our limitations and joys begin in our hearts. We can always replace negative with positive.” —Betty Eadie

Family Presents For The Holidays

Live, Laugh, Love

Theodore Hesburgh, a former president of the University of Notre Dame once said, “The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.” While I’m certain there are plenty of second, third, and so on, most important things a father can, and should, do for his children, I believe that the good Father Hesburgh has it correct.

Often, it’s easy for us to fail to see just how much of a positive, or negative, affect our personal attitudes, words, and behaviors, can have on our children, spouse, partner, or other loved ones, however subtle we think they may be. “It’s my life; I should be able to feel and express myself the way I want to.” Of course we can, but that doesn’t mean we should.

Desmond Tutu said, “You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.” I know, I know, sometimes we’d like to ask God why he couldn’t have given us a different family. But, maybe we just haven’t seen or realized the value in each of them…not yet anyway. Regardless, the fact remains, our family is our family, and it’s up to us, not to them, to be a caring and loving family member. We have no control over another’s actions. The only person each of us has control over is our self. Remember Gandhi’s words “you must be the change you wish to see…”

Here are three gifts you can give to your family this holiday season that won’t cost any money. They are bound to appreciate them a lot because the three gifts that you give to them will turn you into a loving…and loveable, family member. After all, wouldn’t you like for each of them to become a loving and loveable family member for you?

Live life. Laugh lots. Love forever. When you give these three gifts to others, it’s guaranteed to bring them joy. However, the person who will benefit the most is…YOU.

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How To Create A Positive Destiny

Keep your thoughts positive, because your thoughts become your words.
Keep your words positive, because your words become your behaviors.
Keep your behaviors positive, because your behaviors become your habits.
Keep your habits positive, because your habits become your values.
Keep your values positive, because your values become your destiny.
…………………………………………………………..—Mahatma Gandhi