Senior ‘Wish of a Lifetime’

Memories, friendship, and life …and a whole lot of giving!


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This May Actually Be The Oldest Profession


All schools are now back in session. How about a shout-out to our valuable Educators worldwide who give themselves away everyday at work.



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The Winter Man – by Marj Kenny

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old man art

On a cold winter’s morning, an old man sat awkwardly against a wall at Sydney’s Circular Quay station. I glanced his way for a moment and walked on along with the throng of people caught up in the bustle of commuting.

On my way home that afternoon, I saw the same man in the same place. He was crumpled over, his head almost on the ground. Two ambulance attendants were crouched beside him. This time my step paused. He was old certainly and wore a nice suit and was clean-shaven. And he was in a very bad way.

Shame rocked me. How torturous for that sick, old man to have endured the coldness of the entire day, sitting on the hard, unforgiving ground. He probably reached out to passersby for help.

No-one stopped. No-one cared. Out of sight, out of mind.

A different season and I again came across an…

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A New Year Note From Me To Myself

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By sharing my New Year resolutions publicly, I am hopeful that I might be better able to stay on track and accomplish them all by year’s end.

Wishing Everyone a Prosperous, Healthful, and Joyful New Year!


Once a day, be kind to someone you have never been kind to before.
Once a week, help someone you have never helped before.
Once a month, learn something you had no interest in knowing before.
Once a year, become someone you have never been before.
—Paul Mark Sutherland 


Enjoy today.
Achieve today.
Tomorrow is promised to no one!

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“I’m Making Them Happier”

Yes you are, Jeweleen Reiter …and they’re not the only ones.


Innocent, precious, and beautiful.



Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays



Thank you to each and every of my online friends and colleagues. You are special people in my world. May the joy and peace of Christmastime be your special companion this holiday season and throughout the coming new year.  —Paul Mark Sutherland

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A ‘Lonely’ Homeless Man is Invited To Thanksgiving Dinner So He Can Have the Holiday He Deserves

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This year, one man has two people to be thankful for.

Neal Shytles

Neal Shytles of Norfolk, Virginia, usually spends his holidays by himself as he is homeless with no family living nearby, WTKR reported.

“I am lonely like 365 days a year but Christmas and Thanksgiving are two of the worst days, and I really miss having some kind of family atmosphere around me,” Shytles told WTKR.

Wishing for a traditional Thanksgiving with others, Shytles posted an ad on his local news station’s Facebook page, asking to spend the holiday with a family, the outlet reported. While the ad attracted several volunteers offering to take him in as a guest, Ashley and Cory LeMore of Newport News, Virginia, contacted Shytles first. The couple plans on hosting him at their Thanksgiving table.

Neal Shytles thanksgiving letter

“I was crying when she called me and I had to excuse myself because I was emotional,” Shytle told WTKR…

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