Want Love?

May is the month for love!  Oh, heck …every month is the month for love.

“Give love to others through kindness, encouragement, support, gratitude, or any good feeling, and it comes back to you and multiplies itself, bringing love to every other area of your life, including your health, money, happiness, and career.

Give negativity to others, through criticism, anger, impatience, or any bad feeling, and you will receive that negativity back—guaranteed! And as the negativity comes back, it multiplies itself, attracting more negativity, which affects the rest of your life.”

—Rhonda Byrne

photo credit:  Idea go/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

26 thoughts on “Want Love?

    • Thanks, Tina. I’ve been thinking about your comment, “it costs us nothing to give out kindness.” Obviously, I’m with you on that …at least now anyway. Not sure about my early years, though. 😦 Also not sure if everybody is able to see it as a zero cost process. Maybe the reason everyone isn’t kindness aware more often is that they don’t see it as “free.” Maybe some feel that there is a cost, as in changing an established attitude or belief, or an urge or drive to get ahead or acquire more. And then there is ideology, where the their end justifies their means.

      Maybe we just need to be better models for others until were all on board with kindness as a cultural norm and as something that we can give away freely. Thanks, again, Tina.


  1. “every month is the month for love” –

    perfect image and text 😉

    esp like the fade out of the hand and arm, and all of it, heart and hand, set out against the darkness, nice 😉 thanks!


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